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Spread your incoming traffic and files across a server farm. Never get billed for size or bandwidth again!

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USA based hosting USA Datacenter

SSD Cloud Server

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Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered SSD Storage

FREE Site Migrations


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Add 24-Hr Backups.


24×7 Support by Ticket & Chat

5 Websites

24-hr Auto Backups

USA based hosting USA Datacenter

SSD Cloud Server

1-Click Apps

cPanel logo Included

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered SSD Storage

FREE Site Migrations


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Unlimited Power.


24×7 Support by Ticket & Chat

Unlimited Websites

24-hr Auto Backups & Restore

USA based hosting USA Datacenter

SSD Cloud Server

1-Click Apps

cPanel logo Included

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered SSD Storage

FREE Site Migrations


Faster. Stronger. Better.

Twin lightning-fast loading with cPanel, the easy backend you know and love. Stay in control of your site’s files, emails & domains on any device.

Here's a live demo

Easy & simple.

PlainSpeed is made for people with zero design or coding skills. If you're not satisfied, tell us within 30 days for a refund credit.

Unlimited bandwith & space

jane doesn’t skimp. We use the same Tier III datacenters big companies use.

"Unmetered" space is for on-site web files.

24-hr free backups*

Your data is always safe and secure, backed up daily to multiple cloud servers.

*$15 up-front site restoration fee applies.

Be the big fish

Outpace your competition with honest uptime that makes you always ready for new customers and incoming payments.

Solid State Drives

SSDs have no motorized parts, so generate less heat. Read/write speeds are faster, burn outs rarer & loading quicker.

Free SSL & malware protection

Your server comes with free 256-bit SSL. We block malicious traffic for you.

Professional email

All plans include unlimited email accounts with POP3 and IMAP and forwarding.

Free site transfers.

After purchase, fill out our simple help form and we'll move your site (incl. databases, files & emails) to the cloud with no downtime.

446 apps in a click.

Don't fork out on a web designer. With our 1-click apps, you can create your own beautiful, responsive websites that load fast everywhere.

Our top 1-click apps include:


30% of the internet uses WordPress, the free open-source tool that's better than website builders. Multisite (WPMU) available.

Explore WP Themes


Outside of WordPress, the free Drupal CMS has one of the highest marketshares making it a solid choice for almost any site.

Explore Drupal Themes


Joomla is a perfect CMS for dynamic, user-friendly sites. It’s supported by an innovative marketplace and passionate community.

Visit Joomla's Forum


Now owned by Adobe, Magento’s easy-to-use approach to running a successful online store makes it a force against WooCommerce.

Explore Magento Community


Drop shipping, selling physical goods and virtual intangible downloads (like music and software) is a breeze with OpenCart.

View OpenCart Demo


A French eCommerce solution, PrestaShop is a favorite for many online entrepeneurs moving their businesses forwards.

Explore PrestaShop Themes

Savvy business owners love us

This award-winning cafe migrated to HostJane from Wix. They improved Google SEO rankings, and table bookings, with PlainSpeed's cloud power.

Corinne Klein
Women-owned business
"I’m really happy with it! HostJane came along at the right time. I was really excited about the changes they made."

Sunset Bar Cafe & Grill
Local Restaurant

Not enough traffic with Wix
Sunset Cafe Bar and Grill located next to SeaWorld Australia at Marina Mirage is a TripAdvisor winner and A-list celebrity hangout on Australia's Gold Coast. In 2018, Sunset’s dedicated owner Corinne Klein was busy preparing for the 2018 XXI Commonwealth Games. Problem was that Corinne was dissatisfied with her old website hosted by Wix.

Visit ThemeForest
Corinne's theme: Marco

How PlainSpeed helped
Corinne said PlainSpeed's cPanel gave her more control over her website’s backend and SEO than Wix gave her. HostJane migrated Corinne's website from Wix free and helped her point her domain to her cloud server.
“HostJane made it easy, didn’t have to worry about anything, they just did it all. 10 out of 10 I say. Jane is powerful and fast,” said Corinne.
Within 6 months of better hosting on PlainSpeed, restaurant table bookings at Sunset had increased.

Visit business
Sunset Cafe Bar & Grill

Technical Specifications

Spreading load across the cloud, each plan includes unmetered bandwidth, unmetered SSD storage and 24×7 tech support.

PlainSpeed Ultra PlainSpeed Business PlainSpeed Stealth

A Powerful Start.


Add 24-Hr Backups.


Unlimited Domains.


Site Publisher
Addon/Parked Domains 2 Unlimited
Subdomains 25 100 Unlimited
DNS Zone Editor
Track DNS
Dedicated IP
Error Pages
FTP users
Backup Wizard
Web-based file manager
Password directories
Access with www.
MySQL databases
Database backup/restore
Direct database access
1-click apps
446 pre-installed apps
Easy installer
WordPress Manager
Private SSL allowed
Two-factor authentication
SSH access (secure shell)
Virus Scanner
Hotlink Protection
Malware guard
IP Blocker
Leech protection
TLS functionality
PHP 7.1, 7.0, 5.4-5.6
Custom PHP.ini
Cron jobs
Optimize Website (Apache)
Raw access logs
Site statistics
POP3 Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
IMAP support
Webmail login
Email alias
Mail forwarders
Track Delivery
Apache SpamAssassin
Greylisting (anti-spam)
Global Email Filters
Mailing Lists
Address Importer

Frequently asked questions

Google wants websites to load in under 2 seconds. With PlainSpeed, most static sites load faster. Got questions? E-mail us or start a live chat.

Getting started with PlainSpeed

Think of it like this:

Your website is made up of "files" called web pages.

For people to access and read your site's files—doesn't matter if they're using a computer in your street or on the other side of the world—2 things need to happen:

  1. Your files need to be stored on a server that can exchange information with other computers and servers anywhere. Your web server is like the hard drive on your own computer, but makes your files public.
  2. The web server your files are stored on needs to have a unique, public address. We call this address your nameservers, and they are part of the Domain Name System (DNS), so other computers can find you.

These 2 things are what PlainSpeed does. When you buy a web hosting plan, you are essentially buying space on a server for your files, and an assigned public address.

Correct. All PlainSpeed plans use SSD cloud servers. With its catchy name, it's easy to think "cloud" computing has something to do with space satellites, or your website being beamed around the skies. The "cloud" is far more physically down to Earth than the name implies, and the concept has actually been around since the 1960s with IBM.

Geeks called this "Virtualization" or "Virtual Machines". A group of IBM computers were told to process information and combine memory and resources together in a shared program, creating an abstract "machine" or separate virtual computer that ran like software on top of physical hardware. IBM was one of the first examples of a "cloud".

Fast forward to the 1990s, and the traditional model of a user surfing the net in a library. The user connected with a dialup modem through the internet, directly to the web server hosting your website. The server had it's address located at

cloud hosting explainer

The obvious pitfall was that if something happened to the web server, the user can no longer connect. And, no other users could connect until the server came back online. This is called a "single point of failure."

Cloud hosting is really a clever way of solving this problem. If your website is served through a cluster of servers, all talking and playing with each other, sharing information, sharing data, traffic load and more, then no single server going down will stop any one user from seeing your site.

cloud server demonstration

Better still, by getting lots of computers to work for you in a network pack, your website is no longer relying on one single computer, but the power of the pack and the shared resources many computers working together can give your site.

This is what PlainSpeed does.

One example of this benefit is scale. In the past, if you wanted to handle a lot of traffic and workload, a company would need to invest in a really huge server at one location.

But with a cluster or "cloud" of servers in a network grid, the amount of work you need servers to do can be scaled up and down with demand, so you only pay for what you use and get the reassurance that you can handle huge workloads really fast if you need to.

SalesForce, Dropbox, Amazon Web Services, and now Alibaba Cloud are all examples of companies who have streamlined this process of taking storage and computing away from a local physical disk and putting that same information into a vast network of server farms.

In that giant maze of computers, trillions of send and receive signals can be sent and received every second, expanding the possibilities of how much power, reach, and accessibility a single website or bit of information can have on the net.

No, jane offers hosting not website design. However, when you buy your plan, we'll send you a login to cPanel on your server which comes with 1-click installations of easy-to-use top programs like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and MediaWiki.

We stopped offering a website builder because WordPress is the gold standard, and better than all website builders on the market. It's easy to use and can cope with high traffic. Even NASA and several Fortune 500 companies are using WordPress for their main corporate sites.

If you want us to expertly configure and manage your WordPress installation for maximum performance, we suggest you take a look at WPjane, our Managed WordPress plans.

Plainspeed uses only U.S. based cloud servers. All jane's servers are protected in 24/7 security guarded facilities, with constant monitoring by experienced on-site technicians.

Video surveillance, room temperature control, and smoke/fire detectors that are linked to emergency services, make jane and our cloud datacenter partners an industry authority in safeguarding data.

If you're like us, you'll be old enough to remember the outdated Hard Disk Drives (HDD).

Many hosts still use them. HDDs contain lots of tiny, moving parts inside— like spinning plates, magnetic heads, and spindles—which can easily screw up causing data loss.

PlainSpeed only uses use Solid State Drives (called SSDs) which make the read/write speed of your data and apps faster and more reliable.

SSDs are better because they have no moving parts inside to slow them down, giving jane 3 cool advantages:

  1. Read/write speed: jane's SSDs compute faster which improves website loading times, makes apps faster, and increases productivity.
  2. Smarts: Made from silicon memory chips, jane's SSDs have less power consumption than HDDs, which we pass on as cost savings to you.
  3. Tougher: With no motorized spinning parts, jane's SSDs generate less heat making them less likely to burn out or fail, and longer lasting.

If you buy or transfer your domain to HostJane with your package, it will automatically point to your server.

If you're using your own domain, you'll need to login to your domain registrar where you purchased your domain, and update the nameservers there.

In the dashboard of your domain, most registrar's have a "Manage DNS" tab where you can update your nameservers. Point your domain name to your hosting account at HostJane by using the custom nameservers you received in the Service Activated Email when you bought your plan.

Below are links to instructions from the largest domain registrars on how to update your nameservers. Please contact your registrar if you need help.

Registrar Instructions
GoDaddy Link
Network Solutions Link
eNom Link
1&1 Link
Google Domains Link
Dynadot Link
Gandi Link
Hover Link Link
Public Domain Registry Link

jane makes daily backups of your entire server files and databases scheduled at 12am UTC. We generally always have at least 2 past backups of your site in our system.

jane begins overwriting past backups, after 72 hours of storage. To request a restoration from a past backup, please contact us. There is a $15 data restore admin fee.

Note the restoration process can take up to 60 minutes and during that time your server may be unavailable.

World-class Intel® servers with awesome support

The servers we store your website in are very fast, and very reliable. Your web server lives in a US-based data center, which is a massive air-controlled room, inside a secure building, where server machines can be given special care and attention.

We manage your server for you, and take care of all the scary looking code stuff, so you can use an easy program like cPanel to access your website's files and build your site. As a computer, jane processes information faster than most other computers that do the same thing, and that edge is what you're paying for.

Yes, our tech team will professionally move your site free to jane. After you buy your plan, please fill out our easy and secure form to give our tech team the login details to your old cPanel host.

Our tech team will login to your old host and do all the heavy lifting of moving, so your site's files and databases are seamlessly transferred to your cloud server with PlainSpeed.

Keep in mind, if your existing site is built on a windows server, or a different operating system to cPanel, the move may cost fees.

Yes. Unlike ordinary hosts, all PlainSpeed cloud hosting plans enjoy 500gbps / 700mpps protection.

Your server's architecture is set up to filter and barrier against packet intensive attacks, where malicious hackers flood sites.