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12. You want to cancel. Now what?

You can cancel your hosting service through My HostJane at any time. Login to your account, go to your dashboard and follow these instructions for VPS, cloud, and dedicated server cancellations.

To delete your entire HostJane account, please contact us

For hosting customers, please contact us here. We’ll ask you why you’re leaving, and we value all feedback however bad.

Marketplace Customers

Marketplace customers can deactivate their accounts at any time by navigating to the Accounts Settings tab in Settings from your profile dashboard. This is not reversible and will delete all your data.

We cannot restore your account.

We need to verify hosting customers

Before we can terminate a hosting or server account, we need to confirm its you (and not some troll) asking to cancel your server. We appreciate your co-operation during the verification process.

We’ll contact you again to confirm your account has been removed, which is usually within 1 business day.

No debts

jane never lets anyone get in debt to us, so you won’t owe us anything if you leave. If we’ve really had a bad host day our end, we might (at our discretion) refund monies outside of our Service Level Agreement and Refund policy though.

The only color is green

If your bank account is in a foreign currency, your payment will be converted to US dollars when it hits ours.

If we refund you, since we only deal in greenbacks, it’s possible that the same money in your other currency due to fluctuations in international exchange markets, maybe less or more to what you originally paid.

You agree that that difference, whatever it may be in your currency, is not our problem.

You can always come back

If you ever want to come back, so long as you continue to abide by our rules and we can run a valid credit card, you’re welcome back on our servers.

This is what we’ll say if anything goes to court

Hostjane.com can terminate your account and/or access to Services, with no refunds whatsover, if you:

  1. Fail to pay your dues
  2. Violate any part of this agreement
  3. Conduct any harm to Hostjane or cause us or our partners to lose money or reputation as a result of your behavior

After the agreement has been terminated, jane is fully within our rights to delete all your content and charge you for the remaining portion of your then current billing term, without notice or further justification to you.

You agree to all this when you sign up, by paying for our service in the first instance.

Updated on January 15, 2019

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