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10. You need to pay us, on time, and legally

HostJane will appear on your statement

If you want to use one of our web hosting services or a freelance marketplace service: You need to pay for the service with a valid, legal payment method.

For our web hosting customers, that means at the beginning of each month, or the time period you agreed with us when you signed up.

All services require payment in advance.

Any fraud gets automatically reported to authorities with permanently closed accounts.

Payment methods

You need to keep a valid payment method on file, which will get billed each month automatically, by our bank. We don’t accept any payment method that is not one of the payment methods listed on checkout.

Can’t pay this month?

You’ve got 120 hours (5 days) of overdue time allowed (from the time the money should have hit our bank account) to find the money, before we pull the plug on your account. We know our web hosting service is faster than everyone else’s, so if you want to keep using jane’s service, you know what to do then.

Wanna come back after being suspended for not paying?

Sure. Pay.

Tell us about problems ASAP

For hosting customers, you’ve got ninety (90) days from the date of purchase to dispute any transaction with Hostjane.

For marketplace buyers, you have 2 weeks to raise the dispute after your work is delivered by the seller.

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Notice

jane and Blesta comply in full with all collection and billing requirements under applicable law when handling our customers information and data.

Some of our clients will be running eCommerce sites on jane’s servers that accept financial payments. We’ve got nothing to do with those transactions.

The PCI compliance, security, processing, and billing that is involved in those transactions falls under the precise technical banner of “not our problem”.

Next up: Refund policy

Updated on January 15, 2019

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