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1. This is really important. Read this first.

Some ground rules

This Terms of Service (we’ll call it our “Agreement”) is the entire agreement between you (who we’ll call “user”, “client”, “customer”, “you”, or “your”) and HostJane, Inc. (who we like to call “jane”, “HostJane”, “the site”, “she”, “her”, “we”, “us” or “our”).

We stylize jane in lowercase letters on purpose.

We’ve written our Agreement in plain English so that everyone can clearly understand what you can and can’t do with jane’s web hosting service and freelance marketplace, without having to consult a lawyer.

HostJane, Inc. which operates this website is a private C corporation based in Wyoming, United States.

jane’s hosting partners, server hardware, and the datacenters we pay to use are also U.S. based, or located at the datacenter facility you select during checkout.

We’re transparent, too. You can track real-time service updates at HostJane Status, which includes a list of recent past events.

How we put together our agreement

As well as these Terms of Service, the Agreement will also include our:

    1. Acceptable use policy
    2. Marketplace Rules
    3. Privacy Policy
    4. Data Request Policy
    5. Data Processing Agreement (for EU customers as required by the 2018 General Data Protection Regulation)

We’ll call all the things you can buy from us, the “Services.”

By using our Services, you agree that how you use them, and how you interact with our resources and servers, will be ruled by this Agreement.

If you don’t agree to the rules in this Agreement, then you must not buy anything from us, or must stop using our Services.

Additionally, if you do have a conflict with anything in our Acceptable Use Policy, then you should immediately log off HostJane.com and not access our site on any device on any network regardless of your location.

Updated on January 6, 2019

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