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5. Where do third-parties stand?

As you may know, America is one of the most litigious societies on Earth. Every 300th American is a lawyer. That’s a lot of paperwork, and even more mind-numbing legal clauses to agree to when you want to build and run a web hosting and marketplace business.

Unfortunately, there’s no way round using third-party products and services, if you want to offer the best service, no matter how big you are. We try and choose really cool US-owned service providers like Blesta, but such is life, we’re bound to make mistakes.

So that you can’t sue us if we do screw up, we’re telling you in advance (before you buy anything from us) that by using us you are agreeing that you can’t hold us responsible for the quality, availability, or timeliness of goods or services provided by a third-party provider.

We’re not psychic, so can never be sure that everything someone else (who we paid) said is true, is totally factual or complete.

By hosting your websites with jane, or using our marketplace, you agree that you use the service at your own risk.

If you’ve got your lawyer reading this, it means that jane is not an “agent”, “representative”, “trustee”, or “fiduciary” of you or the third party in any transaction.

If you buy something through us that identifies a third-party, you’d better check the terms of any purchase with that party before proceeding with the order.

“non-jane products”

jane will probably act as a reseller or licensor of third party stuff, like hardware, software, and equipment used in connection with the Services that we like to call “non-jane products”.

If we do something that, accidentally or not, causes any non-jane product to stop working, or need tech help in some way, you agree that that’s not our problem and that you can’t sue us for that.

Any rights or options you may have regarding a non-jane product, from the supplier of that product, still doesn’t mean that you can sue us.

non-jane products are not owned by you

It’s not us, but someone somewhere owns the non-jane products that you’re using through us, and we’re telling you in our agreement, get on with your project and don’t screw around with their stuff, even though it’s not owned by us.

Don’t tamper or copy non-jane products, or reverse engineer, or export, re-export, resell, or do anything to them that is against the law.

Not-our-problem Websites

Any third-party website that is linked to from our site, is, you guessed it: Not our problem.

† We should probably mention, like is written in so many boilerplate attorney-drafted terms and conditions, that you should review and agree to the policies on that other, not-our-problem site, but it’s really not our problem if you do or not.

We only deal with you

Nothing that we’ve said, or say in this agreement shall, as lawyers say, “confer any rights” to anyone who isn’t you.

Any of our third-party suppliers could reasonably use these terms and conditions to enforce their own terms and conditions with you.

Updated on January 5, 2019

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