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9. What you’re responsible for

We love the sound of jane’s voice, so let us repeat ourself

You’re responsible for all your User Content and websites, not us.

It’s your job to make sure that your stuff is compatible with our hardware and software, which, like most hosts, we sometimes will need to change, upgrade, downgrade, move around and shake it all about, when providing our service to you.

If you need to use third-party equipment or software to use jane, then that’s got nothing to do with us, and how jane performs (including any delays) in those cases, is not our problem.


Yes, we backup regularly as we say in any hosting plan that includes backups.

Obviously, we don’t expect there to be any problems. We’ll do our damndest to make sure that you are backed up, and 99.9% of the time, we’re sure our track record on this is worth writing home about.

However, so that you can’t sue us if, one miserable day, one of our backups malfunctions, or we forget, or we backup 2 hours after or before you were expecting, we legally do not “warrant” that we backup.

And by using our service, you are agreeing that before you paid, you got it loud and crystal-clear with icing on top that we were never obliged to backup your stuff and that backups here were always a courtesy.

Lawyers call this “risk of loss”. We call it shit happens.

So if you were counting on this really critical, life-saving backup from us (one on which your entire life and academic career depends) that, for whatever reason, doesn’t happen, then you agree that that awful situation is not our fault.

Updated on October 2, 2017

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