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22. What you read here is the whole deal and we can change it

Say that you pay money to jane for a hosting service or third-party marketplace service, based on something that we tell you or that someone else tells you.

You agree that none of that counts.

All that matters is what is written in this agreement, and when you pay, you agree to that.

Yes, jane is allowed to be fickle

You’re cool that jane can change, modify, add, or subtract any part of this agreement at any time. This includes being fine that jane can change or stop offering any part of any Service at any time.

If something changes, we’ll post a timestamp of the change of the update, in grey, at the bottom of the updated section, and if it affects any service that we’re billing your account with us for, we’ll email you to tell you about it.

Once the email has been sent, we’ll assume you have been notified.

If we’ve been too sassy

If you get us into a court, and we find a plainly unamused judge who can’t work with some bit of our agreement, then you agree that we’re allowed to say (and make stick):

“Sure your honor, we’ll drop that 1 clause, but this is what the plaintiff agreed to when s/he paid, and everything else they agreed to, including the clauses before and after that one you disallow, is totally going ahead and remains in “full force and effect”, and the plaintiff agrees to that.”

You can hold nothing against us

Even if we’ve made, or make, horrible mistakes or our terms and conditions is full of errors, you agree that you do not get to use that against us.

People who have done law school call making mistakes a “breach” of the agreement.

You getting off the hook because we’ve messed up is called a “waiver”.

So, you agree that if we have made any breaches, like failing to do something we should have done after you paid us, or by contradicting ourselves in the agreement, you do not get to waive or default on any other part of the agreement.

This is jane’s anti-assignment clause, and she’s real sensitive about this.

If you want to “assign” or “transfer” any part of this agreement or any of your rights, or things you need to do, you gotta ask jane for permission, in writing, first.

If you try and assign something in the agreement to someone else, without getting jane’s permission first, the assignment is automatically voided.

Doing our job to serve you better

Part of the reason our web hosting service is so impregnable is because we’re not frightened of asking for help from experts who know more than us, and when we run into issues, we source out to contractors who step into our shoes to help us. The end result is that you enjoy a better service.

To do this seamlessly, we sometimes assign and delegate our rights and obligations under this agreement, to subcontractors or agents, and you agree that we can do this without having to interrupt your day to tell you about it every time we do it.

It’s basically running a web hosting company AKA we’re not doing anything with your rights that every other hosting company is going to do anyway.

If we ever get bought up

If someone one day buys our company, you agree that this agreement shall remain in force so whoever buys jane can continue to serve you, without having to ask you to sign a new agreement.

Updated on January 5, 2019

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