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3. What you must not do

You may only use the servers, computer files and hosting accounts which you’ve paid us for, or the free Marketplace account you signed up with.

You cannot buy or sell accounts. You may not use another user’s account or try to capture or guess someone else’s password.

Do not publish yourself or link to anything on someone else’s website that a police officer or prosecutor could reasonably say is any of the following:

  1. child pornography or any illegal porn type that’s outlawed under United States criminal code, like “animal crush videos” etc;
  2. copyright infringing material;
  3. material that incites violence;
  4. material aimed at harassing someone including doxxing;
  5. hate speech;
  6. unfair or deceptive material under United States consumer protection laws, which includes pyramid schemes and chain letters;
  7. material which could be actionable in a court of law, like threats of violence or defamation or anything which may endanger some one’s personal health;
  8. content that could create a public safety or health hazard;
  9. anything which could pose a risk to United States national security;
  10. material which interferes in any way with law enforcement, government agency, or investigation by authorities;
  11. anything which violates someone’s privacy;
  12. anything that promotes drugs, illegal gambling, or illegal trafficking of any kind;
  13. anything which could result in jane being attacked by third parties;
  14. anything which would break the law in your local area.

You alone are responsible and accountable for your use of jane.

Don’t try to do anything to hack, disrupt, or damage our network, including using security tools like password “crackers”, network sniffers, or vulnerability scanners etc.

Our staff will behave professionally and courteously towards you. HostJane, Inc. will not tolerate any form of harassment or abuse from users towards our staff. We will suspend or terminate your service without notice and without liability if you attack or try to hurt us.

If you’re reselling our web hosting service, you need to purchase a reseller plan. Please don’t try and resell our shared hosting plans.

Updated on January 5, 2019

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