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10. What we do if someone complains

Unless it’s a DMCA Takedown request that requires we do specific things to protect our own back, jane’s usual policy in the event of an alleged AUP or TOS violation is to first contact our client with an ask-questions-first, shoot later approach.

We have the right to (without notice) disable websites, plugins, scripts, themes, or anything that is a risk to the stability of our wider network or legal position.

We also have the right to do nothing, and we really will only terminate a client’s account if it’s that bad that we no longer want their money and/or the client is refusing to cooperate.

Usually a 3 day time frame is set for the customer to get in line with our policies and get their site in order, at which point the issue will be closed.

All users agree by using our services, that our business judgment and decision is final.


Updated on September 19, 2017

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