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13. What resellers need to agree to

This is the deal

When you resell jane’s web hosting, you represent to us that you know what you’re doing and that you have the necessary tech skills to make the venture work. You see all those people signing up to your reseller hosting service? Yes. They are your clients, not our clients.

That means they are not our problem.

That’s the deal.

Make a mental note of that word “indemnified”

Not our problem means that if things go wrong for your new reselling business, you’re gonna need to tell your attorney you signed a contract with us where you “specifically indemnified” jane, and our owner, agents, and partners, from and against “any and all claims” made by any of your clients about anything you do, did, or failed at.

You’re responsible

If one of the clients, that you’ve resold jane to, puts something on our server that we don’t like, that’s your problem, because you’re responsible for it.

In simple terms, if they break anything, then your paying for it.

Yes, we provide reseller support, but to you only

If you contact us regarding technical support for your new clients, as long as it’s you and not them asking for the tech support, then you’ll get the same excellent 365/24/7 technical support service that we give all our direct customers.

jane only helps people who have a valid credit card, with their name on it, on file with us and ready to be billed every month.

Shit happens

If one of your clients contacts us to bitch about you, that’s not our problem, and jane has got a real cute way of telling them that.

As long as you’re not breaking the law (or any of our agreements), and your credit card still works when we go to bill it every month, then, as Linkin Park sang in Faint, a “handful of complaints but you can’t help the fact…” this isn’t going to ruin your relationship with jane. We’re cool.

Updated on August 20, 2018

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