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2. What do we know about you and how do we use it?

A need-to-know basis only

As a golden rule with jane, we try never to pass on your information to anyone, and what we do know about you is limited to what we need to know to successfully bill your credit card and provide you our service.

In return for our hands off approach to your information, you accept that, on a need-to-know basis only, we can collect that information for lawful purposes only.

In our eyes, your information falls into 1 of 4 categories:

1. Information needed to bill you

This includes your credit card, name, address, telephone number, email address, types of service provided and when we provided them, your payment history and methods, amounts of how much you paid us, and the dates of when you paid.

We’ll also keep on record the domain name linked to your account.

2. Information needed to let you navigate our website

We won’t bore you with a technical spiel about “cookies”, they store text information, that allow HostJane.com to recognize you, your preferences, and login info, and yes, like every other host around we use them.

For example, jane may use general information from cookies to see who is visiting our site, so we can provide customers with a better service.

3. Social information

Facebook Like buttons, and the like, will collect your IP address information for the feature to work properly. We’re on Facebook and Twitter and choose to use some of these types of buttons to spread the word about jane.

Your interactions with social buttons are ruled by external social media companies.

4. Information passing through user websites in our network

jane hosts other people’s stuff that we do not police.

We also have “points of presence” on the internet for the exchange of information on our customer’s sites, but we do not control or answer for that information.

We also don’t control or review seller’s content in marketplace listings.

What you do on not-our-problem websites is part of section #5 of our Terms and Conditions.

Updated on January 6, 2019

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