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7. Unmetered resources and using us fairly

In a nutshell

jane has a generous storage policy, and unlike many hosts, does not meter storage or bandwidth usage. This is possible because in shared plans, jane balances load across a vast, growing farm of cloud servers, spreading resources to meet demand.

However, our unmetered policy is not carte blanche to hog resources.

As a rule of thumb, we don’t want any of our PlainSpeed customers taking up over 25% of any 1 server’s CPU resources, for over 1 minute at a time.

What can cause overages?

The main culprit is usually running resource-intensive scripts.

Plainly, if you are running a medium to high traffic online store, multi-user social network, or some other resource-intensive application, you will almost definitely want to be on a VPS plan to support your project.

A word about Unmetered Storage

“Unmetered” storage means server space for on-site web files, and the content of your website(s).

It does not mean off-site storage space for files (of any type including pictures and videos), emails, backups, or database stuff.

If this becomes an issue for you

Unless the matter requires immediate suspension, we will usually contact you if your storage or bandwidth usage is in violation of our above policy, and offer some alternatives to accommodate your needs.

This may include upgrading you to a VPS or dedicated server plan.

Be aware though that jane, in our sole discretion, is entitled to suspend accounts and remove content in violation of our acceptable use policy, without notice.

Usage and reselling

Unlimited bandwidth is not available for wpjane customers, VPS, dedicated, or janesells reseller accounts, which have exact storage and bandwidth limits in all cases.

Updated on August 8, 2018

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