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11. Refund policy

PlainSpeed℠ hosting accounts

30-day refunds for any reason, if and only if you are a first-time customer.

Refunds are provided in US dollars and only apply to your hosting package payment. So if you buy any other stuff and then want a refund of that as well, you only get your money back for the hosting plan. Nothing else.

janeCloud, WPjane, janeVPS, janeSells, and janeDedi accounts

Unless there is a unforeseen problem with the server that prevented your service being delivered, we’re unable to provide a refund outside of that scenario.

e.g. You buy a fully-working VPS or cloud server, use it for a week or a month or more, then decide for any reason you don’t want the service anymore – in those cases, sorry but you can’t have your money for a properly fulfilled service. jane’s servers aren’t free.

HJ Marketplace

Refunds and cancellations on Marketplace sales are controlled by our Marketplace Rules.

Updated on January 4, 2019

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