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1. What does “acceptable use” mean?

Hostjane (who we like to call “jane”) has server resources and a freelance marketplace platform that supports our network of clients and our own business goals.

As a user of jane’s hosting services or marketplace, you have access to our resources and our network, so it’s important that you use our resources in a responsible way that is legal.

All of us are subject to local, state, and federal laws when using the internet and hosting websites.

Acceptable use to us means that you are abiding by those laws, and not breaking our terms and conditions and privacy agreements.

We have written this “Acceptable Use” Policy , which we sometimes call our “AUP” to tell you the things that you must not do when using our computing and hosting network.

Users who do not follow our simple guidelines can be suspended, or have their marketplace or hosting account(s) terminated.

Updated on January 4, 2019

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