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4. Other things we can’t allow

Apart from not breaking the law, we also don’t want you using any of our services for:

  1. file exchange or download sites (like what Kim dotcom was doing)
  2. torrents
  3. content delivery networks
  4. bulk delivery services* (as defined by sending more than 30 emails per minute to people who haven’t asked you in some way to receive your emails)
  5. lottery sites

*All bulk delivery services can only be done on (non-reseller) VPS plans. Emails should have an opt-out feature in the email sent, and comply with the terms of George W Bush’s CAN-SPAM Act 2003.

jane can ask to see a random sample of your bulk sending list to monitor your usage.

In addition, there may be rules written on other parts of HostJane.com which should be taken to be part of this policy.

Updated on January 6, 2019

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