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Marketplace Rules


Like the rest of jane’s Terms and Conditions, we’ve written our Marketplace Rules in plain English, so everyone can clearly understand how we operate the platform for both buyers and sellers.

We’ll call HostJane’s Marketplace (“HJ Marketplace”). It’s located at the URL: hostjane.com/marketplace.

HJ Marketplace is a freelancing platform for law-abiding people to buy and sell their services in five principle areas:

  1. Information Technology
  2. Design
  3. Writing & Translation
  4. Voice Talent
  5. Remote business

Anyone can use the marketplace, so long as you agree to abide by:

1. these Marketplace Rules,

2. HostJane’s Acceptable Use Policy

3. HostJane’s Terms of Service and;

4. HostJane’s Privacy Policy.

By opening an account and using HostJane’s Marketplace, you are agreeing to all our legal terms.


Sellers are third-party freelancers who list their services on HJ MarketPlace. Sellers can be companies or individuals. Sellers take care of their own tax requirements.

Buyers are users who buy services from sellers.

Delivered work is any content that a seller sends to the buyer to complete their sale.

Completed sale is any successful transaction where the seller delivers work which the buyer accepts without opening a dispute within 2 weeks.

Seller Fee is the percentage of each sale that sellers pay to HJ Marketplace to use the platform. It includes credit card and anti-fraud costs, buyer customer service and dispute management.

Listings are the freelance service or task offerings. Listing content and price is controlled by the seller. There are no restrictions on the number of listing sales. The minimum listing price is $2.

Payouts are withdrawals by the seller of their marketplace earnings less the cost the seller fee. Earnings are immediately eligible for payout after a completed sale. There is a $5 minimum payout amount.

Payout Method is chosen by the seller. Sellers can receive their marketplace payouts by either

  1. Paypal
  2. Payoneer

Waiting period is the mandatory two (2) week period after the completion of a service on HJ Marketplace. Earned revenue cannot be withdrawn for 2 weeks as part of our buyer protection policy.

Example: Buyer approves delivery on March 20. The 2 week waiting period for those earnings expires on April 3, after which the sale is considered completed. Seller must wait until April 3 to request payout of those funds.

Payouts will be paid to seller’s selected method within 3-5 business days from the date of payout.

Earnings are the total amount of funds the seller has earned from all their completed sales in 1 calendar month, less seller fees. Earnings become eligible for the next monthly payout after the waiting period of 2 weeks.

Disputes occuring inside the 2 week waiting period may delay the payout of earnings to the seller.

  • If you post a listing on HJ Marketplace as a seller, interact with a seller or buyer, post a review, or in any way put material that someone else can read on HJ Marketplace, we call whatever you’ve posted “User Content”.
  • HostJane is not responsible for that User Content, you are. We don’t read what you’ve posted or review it.
  • If you find material you believe is against our Acceptable Use Policy or Terms of Service on HJ Marketplace, please tell us about it.
  • If you believe your copyright is being infringed, please submit a DMCA takedown request as soon as possible.
  • You agree that whatever you’ve posted is legal under US law, and fits inside our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy.
  • If you delete User Content, HostJane will do our best to remove it from our site. By posting User Content, you understand that we do not have the power to remove deleted User Content from caching engines like Google.

Ownership of Delivered Work

After a completed sale, the Seller agrees that unless they previously came to a different arrangement with the buyer, all rights in the delivered work are transferred to the Buyer.

If a seller wants a buyer to pay more money or buy a license to use delivered work, fair notice needs to be posted on the listing before the buyer pays the seller to start work.

Buyers and Sellers agree that HJ Marketplace can use any and all delivered work for marketing and promotion of HostJane to attract new users.

The Ideal Transaction

We want HJ Marketplace to be a useful resource for people to hire great talent at great prices. The ‘ideal transaction’ is our vision for how we want a sale to complete.

  1. Seller opens a free account on HJ Marketplace and posts their original User Content offering to perform a legal service or task in a listing in return for a price they set. Seller must tell the buyer beforehand what they need to deliver the work.
  2. Seller agrees to deliver work within a pre-defined amount of time.
  3. Buyer reads the Seller’s listing and pays HJ Marketplace to request the seller starts work. At the same time, Buyer gives the Seller any instructions or requested materials (e.g.. server logins or texts for translation).
  4. Seller delivers the paid for work to Buyer, who writes a review on their experience with the Seller which goes public.
  5. HostJane holds the funds for the seller until they have completed the work, and 2 full weeks have expired after they complete the sale. After that time the funds are eligible for payout request by seller.

Fees, Taxes & Refunds

HJ Marketplace takes a 15% commission from each completed sale.

Example, Seller posts listing for $100.

Buyer pays HJ Marketplace $100 by credit card.

After sale completes, HJ Marketplace retains 15% ($15) seller fee covering costs of credit card sale, and pays buyer 85%.

Seller’s payout = $100 – 15% seller fee = $85 USD

Buyers and sellers are entirely responsible for taking care of their own local taxes.

Any agreed refund for purchased listings will be returned to the Buyer’s HJ Marketplace account where the same is held in credits in US dollars until buyer purchases a new service.

If a Seller is found to have broken the law or broken site rules, Buyer is eligible for a refund to their Marketplace account.

Disputes & Appeals

A buyer is eligible to a dispute any time up to 2 weeks after a sale completes. HostJane’s Dispute Team will automatically place any funds on hold, and contact both the buyer and seller to take statements, collect all evidence, and resolve the issue.

The investigation takes 10 business days. After that time a decision is made and the held funds are either returned to the buyer or released to the seller for the next payout.

If either side is not happy with the decision, they can appeal within 1 month of the decision for a senior admin to review which takes 3 days for a final review decision to be made.

Cancellations are considered to be disputes and require the same 10 day investigation process.

Updated on February 18, 2019

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