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How to connect to your janeCloud with PuTTY on Windows machines

Connecting to your janeCloud server from Windows computers is best done with PuTTY, an SSH and Telnet client. You can download PuTTY at its creator’s website with x32 and x64 Windows versions available.

Download the .msi file and follow instructions to install PuTTY on your windows machine.

How to use PuTTY to connect to your janeCloud

1. First, open PuTTY and type your janeCloud server’s IP address in the Host Name field under Basic options for your PuTTY session:


Ensure the PuTTY port is 22

How to find your server IP?

Login to My HostJane > locate your server plan and click the Manage button. For example, if you were running a CentOS server:


Inside the dashboard, click Statistics in the left menu to reveal your server IP and root password credentials:


Using Secure Shell (SSH) keys with PuTTY on HostJane servers

2. Add SSH keys to PuTTY (Optional)

If you have already created your SSH private keys with .ppk extension in PuTTYgen, upload these into PuTTY.

In the left-hand tree, go to SSH > Auth:


Then in the left-hand tree, go to Connection > Data.

The first-time you login enter root as the auto-login username to be sent to the server.

On subsequent logins, after you’ve set up your server you can add new users to saved logins. For example sudo users you’ve given root privileges to.


Finally, in the left-hand tree, return to Sessions

Enter a name of your session in the Saved Sessions box, for example, JaneDoe (or another name you wish to use) to remember your login credentials.

Click Save to add this session ID to the list.


Your SSH-enabled username is now saved by the PuTTY client for repeated SSH login use.

Click Load with JaneDoe to begin a new session with your saved SSH credentials.

Connecting to a server for the first time

3. You must manually trust the janeCloud server

When you connect for the first time with your PuTTY client in Windows to a new janeCloud server, you can opt to save the server’s identity to the cache of your PuTTY client.


Click Yes to trust the server and save the identity. You’ll only need to do this once.

If you used SSH keys, you will be connected directly to your janeCloud server without being prompted further for a password.

Otherwise, you’ll need to enter your login and password to proceed.


Updated on September 5, 2018

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