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How to connect a domain to janeCloud

Create an A-record

janeCloud servers come with a dedicated IPv4 address. You need to map your domain to the server’s IP using an A-record, which stands for Address record. A records are the simplest part of the Domain Name System or DNS.

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What are A-Records and how do they work?

A-records are how your visitors will be able see your site when they type your web address into their browsers.


  1. Whenever a user wants to visit the site on your cloud server, their browser asks your domain’s nameservers for the A-Record.
  2. The A-Record resides at your domain registrar, where you bought it.
  3. The A-Record at your nameserver maps to the IP address of your server, where your website files and databases are stored.

In the diagram above, the nameservers’ job is to provide the IP address (basically the A-record) for your server, to your visitor’s browsers when they lookup www.YourDomain.com.

If this didn’t happen, people would have to lookup websites in the Google address bar, not as English-language names like YourDomain.com, but as IP address numbers which would be very impracticable and harder to use the internet.

Login to your domain registrar and create an A-Record.

Here’s an Example

Imagine your server has the IPv4 address,

Let’s say your domain is example.com

At your domain registrar, you should create an A record for both the non-www and www version of your domain, so they both point (resolve) to the server.

Host Type Data
@ A
www A

The result will be:

example.com resolves to
www.example.com resolves to

There is more than 1 way to do this. It depends on if you want the www or non-www version to show when your users visit your website.

To prevent problems with duplicate content or canonicalization, this article from Moz can help you understand the issue so your website is consistent for search engines from the outset.

Contact your registrar if you need help with adding or changing an A-Record.

How to find my cloud server’s IP address

Login to My HostJane and click the Manage button next to your cloud service.

For example, if you had provisioned an Ubuntu 16.04 x64 server it will look like this:


You will be forwarded to your Server’s dashboard.


Click Statistics in the left-hand menu to find your janeCloud’s IPv4 and server credentials.


Your server’s IP is typed next to Main IP in the Statistics table.

Below are links to instructions from the largest domain registrars on how to create your domain’s A-Record. Please contact your registrar if you run into problems and provide them your server’s IP address.

Registrar Instructions
GoDaddy Link
Network Solutions Link
eNom Link
1&1 Link
Google Domains Link
Dynadot Link
Gandi Link
Hover Link
Name.com Link
Public Domain Registry Link
Updated on July 22, 2018

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