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Getting Started with PlainSpeed℠

PlainSpeed℠ uses cPanel which is powerful but also good for beginners. Test drive a free cPanel demo here: https://cpanel.com/demo/

PlainSpeed℠ is not a complicated service, and most steps are done for you. After backing up your old website, the first thing you need to do is update your domain’s nameservers to point to your new HostJane account.

We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of backing up your old account and not canceling your old host until after you have completed switching to jane.

Is your old host using old hardware?

HostJane always ensures your cPanel is up-to-date, run on the latest CentOS hardware, fully working and configured for standard use.

To be extra cautious, you may want to check if your old host is using the latest versions of CentOS, CloudLinux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or Amazon Linux. Most users experience no issues at all.

What are your plans?

PlainSpeed℠ plans support most web-owners goals, but if you intend to run a site that will receive high traffic, or host heavy videos, music, or high-volume applications, you may require more processing power, disk space, and RAM.

Look into our cloud, managed VPS and Dedicated server plans if your hosting needs are demanding.

Updating your domain’s nameservers

HostJane supports all domains worldwide

  1. To see your website on HostJane in the browser, you will need to propagate your domain to HostJane’s server using the nameservers available in your Service Activated Email. This is sent to the email you registered with on successful purchase.
  2. You can buy a domain from HostJane, or use the one you already own (such as or or any top-level domain). Below are some helpful links to instructions on how to update your nameservers at popular domain registrars.
Registrar Instructions
GoDaddy Link
Network Solutions Link
eNom Link
1&1 Link
Google Domains Link
Dynadot Link
Gandi Link
Hover Link
Name.com Link
Public Domain Registry Link
  1. If you have purchased a new domain to use with PlainSpeed℠, the nameservers are usually set to the parked page of your registrar, where they are advertising their services.
  2. If you have an existing website, they will likely be set to your old host. Contact your registrar for help on updating nameservers. If your website is taking more than 72 hours to propagate, please contact your registrar to review your nameserver configuration is correct.
  3. As always, ensure you backup your old website’s files and databases at your old host before updating your nameservers to HostJane.

Once you have updated your nameservers, it can take up to 72 hours to propagate through the internet.

How to access your website’s backend

Before your domain propagates to HostJane’s nameservers, you can access your cPanel and webmail backend using these addresses:

cPanel backend: https://[Your Server IP]:2083

Webmail backend: https://[Your Server IP]/webmail

After your DNS has successfully resolved to your new HostJane account, you’ll be able to login directly with:

cPanel backend: https://[Your Domain Name]:2083

Webmail backend: https://[Your Domain Name]/webmail

What support is available?

Contact us 24×7 by opening a support ticket to talk directly with a HostJane staff member who will address your concerns.

HostJane strives to provide 100% uptime and server reliability in keeping your website fast and always up.

However, while we host your website and server, our staff are not your individual web designers or site developers. Below are the limits to what our staff can assist you with.

  • PlainSpeed℠ runtime and availability
  • Server infrastructure issues
  • DNS issues at server level
  • Updates and patches
  • System critical functions
  • cPanel misconfigurations or usability problems

  • Website design issues
  • Helping you learn how to code
  • Developing your website or application
  • DNS or domain problems at registrar level
  • Webmail/email issues where the server is working
  • Tutorials on using cPanel

Can I preview my website before changing DNS?

Yes. Private preview is possible in both Mac and Windows machines.

You need to update the local HOSTS file on your computer with your cPanel’s new IP address as provided in the Service Activated Email.

The logic behind this is so that your local computer calls your custom server IP address in your HOSTS file before asking internet registries for your domain’s public address. This way only your computer with the updated HOSTS file will be able to preview your website.

Search engines won’t publish your website while your domain is not pointed to it. Step-by-step detailed instructions on how to update your personal computer’s HOSTS files are outside the scope of our support.

Moving to jane

To have HostJane move your website to your PlainSpeed℠ cPanel account, please take time to carefully complete this this form to request a site migration. We usually move new sites within 10 hours, though it can take longer.

We support these control panels

  • cPanel
  • Plesk
  • DirectAdmin

If you are moving from a Windows server or another type of control panel that we don’t support, there may be fees involved for admin work.

Free site migration only applies to first-time users who are new to HostJane.

What content can I host?

HostJane is not responsible for policing the contents of your hosting account. As a general rule, if it’s legal in the U.S., then it’s legal on HostJane.

Please read and abide by our Acceptable Use Policy to best determine what you can and cannot do on your website while it’s hosted with jane.

Updated on October 25, 2018

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