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Docker Set Up

Docker can run on Ubuntu 16.04 x64 and CentOS 7 x64.

Find your cloud server’s IP and login credentials

1. After successful payment is approved, your server will be set up within 2 minutes.

2. Login to My HostJane. In the Dashboard under Services, look for the Docker server you have provisioned.


If you cannot see the Docker server running or your cloud server is not active, please open a ticket.

3. Click Manage next to the Docker server item. You will be transferred to the server’s dashboard.


Identifying your root password

4. Go to the Statistics area to find your cloud server’s IP address and password.

Sample screenshot of the Cloud Information.


The Main IP is your janeCloud’s IP address.

The Default Password is the root password.

5. Use the information from Statistics to login either with PuTTY on Windows or an OpenSSH client in linux and MacOS devices:

docker run hello-world

The server will connect to Docker and download the latest image:


The docker user

For security reasons, since it’s best not to run everyday administrative tasks as the root, we automatically create a docker user and docker group for you.

The docker user can run containers but has limited privileges. You can switch to this user by typing the following on the command line:

su - docker

Add any other user to the docker group to run containers with that user.

To find more information on running Docker containers, go to Red Hat’s guide.

You now have the basic information to start using your new cloud server running Docker on your chosen Linux distribution.

Updated on July 26, 2018

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