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Connecting to your janeCloud via FTP

HostJane recommends Filezilla as a simple-to-use, free File Transfer Protocol (FTP) solution to modify and upload to specific file directories on your server. Keep in mind that you cannot remotely extract compressed files with Filezilla (i.e. .zip files), which needs to be done on the command line.

How to download

Download the latest Filezilla version here, Filezilla will detect automatically what operating system you are using.


Connect to your server via root

Open FileZilla after installation, and you will see 4/5 panels.

On Windows systems, it looks like this:


Enter the following credentials to connect as root user to your janeCloud server:

Host: sftp:/[/Your_Server_IP] (or your hostname i.e. host.yourdomain.com)

Learn how to locate your server IP address in our PuTTY tutorial.

Username: root
Password: [root password]
Port:  22

This is given in Statistics in My HostJane

Click Quickconnect to login, and the credentials will be stored for future use.

Click yes to any scary-looking prompts:

For example: “You have no guarantee that the server is the computer you think it is”

You should then see a message showing:

Status: Retrieving directory listing…
Status: Listing directory /root
Status: Directory listing of "/root" successful

You can now manipulate files in the right-hand window showing /root directory as shown below:


Updated on July 24, 2018

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